8 Must-Get Unique Singapore Souvenirs and Gifts – SG Style

Looking to bring home something ‘Uniquely Singapore’ to be revive the special moments you have experienced in Singapore? There are a wide variety of Singapore products that you can gift yourselves or your family and friends. For your convenience, we want to share the 8 Best & Must-Get Singapore souvenirs that you should consider, including the premium […]

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4 Singapore Style Scenic Views

What is up guys, Lucas here – bringing you the 4 best Scenic Views, Singapore style. Gardens by the Bay Breathtaking Supertree views, especially during the night  This multi-award winning horticultural destination features the massive Supertrees, waterfront promenade with a picturesque city skyline view and the enclosed Cloud Forest, the world’s tallest indoor waterfall standing at […]

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8 Singapore Style Chinese New Year Snacks & Their Meanings!

Experience the flavour of Singapore!

As you may know, symbolic dishes like dumplings shaped like ingots for prosperity, to long noodles for longevity, are eaten during the Lunar New Year. What about the tasty goodies that are offered to you as you visit your relatives? Do you know what they symbolize? The next time someone in the family asks, “Why do […]

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4 Singapore Style Gift Exchange Ideas

It’s the most wonderful (stressful?) time of the year! As the season for giving is approaching us shortly this week, many of us might be frantically looking for unique and interesting gifts to surprise and impress our friends and colleagues! P.S There are definitely more than four truly Singaporean gifts out there, you just need to […]

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Gripping local read – Tommy Weaving series!

Hello avid readers! We can’t wait to release this gripping series authored by our local talent – Yang Kah Choon Here’s a little teaser – On a starry night, while many were watching their favourite television programmes in their cosy living rooms, a boy was scouring stubborn stains on the floor of a flashy restaurant. […]

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4 Singapore Style Monsoon Survival Kit

Get ready your brollies!

As many of you may or may not know, Christmas is arriving pretty soon with the usual monsoon season hitting our sunny Singapore shores. Therefore, SG Style has decided to prepare a short and concise blog post about some of the Singapore brands we have to offer as ideas for Christmas gifts and monsoon survival […]

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4 Singapore Style Food Gifts for your loved ones!

Singapore's Comfort Food - Chicken Rice

Do you miss or crave Singapore’s food while you’re on an overseas trip? Or you’re looking forward to visit your relatives this coming Christmas season? Why not bring a slice of Singaporean taste along and enjoy the flavors with them! We have chosen a few of Singapore’s unique tastes that are wonderful as gifts for your family and loved ones […]

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